SurView is a stand alone OpenGL utility displaying SurGe grids as surfaces in 3D view. Remember that the OpenGL applications require a fast graphic card and a large memory.

Main features of SurView are:
  - display of shadowed surface with optional change of light height position and light intensity
  - move, zoom, rotation and Z-scaling using shortcut keys or by dragging the mouse
  - parallel (orthogonal) or perspective projection
  - switch between  color + shadow / only shadow / only color  display modes
  - switch between wireframe and filled surface
  - display of point labels or z-coordinates
  - measurement of horizontal distance

SurView can be run from SurGe using the shortcut key Shift+D and it is controlled by the following shortcut keys and/or mouse buttons:

Key Mouse move (+ key or button) Function
+/- Ctrl+Shift  or  mouse wheel Zoom
z/Z Ctrl  or  right button + mouse wheel Change of the Z-scale
a/A Left mouse button Horizontal rotation
b/B Left mouse button Vertical rotation
arrow keys  Right mouse button Moving around the screen
i/I Shift Change of light source height
d/D - Change of diffuse light (something like contrast)
e/E - Change of ambient light (something like brightness)
1-5 - Step of the above changes
s/S - Decrease / increase color levels
w - Switch between wireframe / filled surface
l - Switch light on / off
c - Switch colors on / off
r - Try to find the best light parameters
R - Switch background between black / white
p - Parallel (orthogonal) / perspective projection
m - Map view (vertical angle is 90')
f - Switch between flat and smooth color model
Ctrl L - Load color palette
Shift L - Display point labels or z-coordinates on / off
Ctrl 1-3 - Select labels font size
Ctrl 0 - Contrast display of labels (black letters on white background)
k - Switch between labels / z-coordinates display
Ctrl S Left mouse button double click Start to measure horizontal distance (displayed on window bar next to "D=")
Ctrl A - Display axes
Ctrl M - Change axes step (default 1000m)
F1 - This documentation
q - Quit

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